What is Design Build?

In brief, the term “design-build” describes a scenario where someone is responsible for both the design and construction of a project. When design is a separate process from the construction, the owner must, by the nature of the arrangement, become the intermediary between the architect and the contractor. When a construction problem occurs, who’s at fault? The contractor blames the architect, the architect blames the contractor, and the owner is caught in the middle.  Design-build eliminates this difficulty, since there is a single source of accountability for the entire project.

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Better Budget Control

We focus on budget during the design phase (not waiting until the bids come in). This way we avoid any painful cost cutting changes after plans are already complete. As design-builders, we can effectively speak to the cost implications of a design decision early on in the process, which allows you the owner to play a key role in arriving at the final project price.  Whether your project is an ADU, a remodel or new home construction, when your plans have been finalized, the project budget is typically within 5% of your final construction contract cost.

Enhanced Communications

Our customers have direct access to the single point of responsibility for the entire design, architectural and construction process, reducing construction risk and overall cost. Owners benefit when the open sharing of project knowledge allows them to evaluate alternatives early on in the design process, so that your remodel or new construction the end product best reflects the owner’s values and desires. Let SM DesignBuild be your San Diego Contractor for remodeling or new home construction!

Faster Project Completion

Bid time is reduced, project construction scheduling can begin before the design is finalized, and potential construction problems are uncovered early on, often before construction begins. 

Cost Savings

Faster project completion and fewer construction problems resulting in fewer ‘change orders’ to the owner that unexpectedly increase project cost. 

Lastly and most important, owner satisfaction is improved by the enhanced communication between owner and design-builder and the continuity of one unified work flow from initial concept through completion, resulting in a built product that best translates the owners vision into reality. 

Complimentary Consultation

New homes, home remodels, guest homes (ADUs), and special projects.

Our team has years of experience handling all types of projects. As a design- builder we handle all aspects of your construction project, including, design, architectural services, project management and contractor services. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life. During our consultation, we can discuss your vision for the project and how we can make it come to life.


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