Project Management

My architect has finished my plans and I’m ready to take the next step and hire a contractor. 


Why would I need to retain a professional project manager?

We often find ourselves helping out owners who have embarked on a construction project with their architects and contractors only to see the process literally fall apart mid-stream.  

This is due to the huge disconnect in the residential construction industry between the roles of archItect and general contractor; literally no communication between the two unless there is a problem.  Each has different priorities in the work, and the result is often delay, miscommunication and cost overruns because the Owner is left to solve/mediate the technical issues that cause these problems but they typically have no experience nor expertise to do this effectively. 


Examples of problems we typically encounter:

  • Owner’s architect completes plans, the owner solicits bids from contractors only to find bids so high that the owner can’t afford to pay for the work.
  • During construction the contractor discovers problems with the plans and inevitably  the finger-pointing between architect and contractor begins. The owner is caught in the middle and without the technical background to manage the disputes is forced to absorb costly change orders and unanticipated delay.
  • Increasingly complex federal, state and local regulations complicating the permit process and requiring the involvement of an array of consultants and engineers.

We can help out.  


As both architects and general contractors we are in a unique position to represent the owner’s best interests to avoid these and other problems by;     

  • overseeing the relationships between architect and general contractor
  • monitoring construction costs early on during the design phase early on to avoid budget overruns later during construction
  • managing the contractor bid negotiation process
  • troubleshooting the construction phase.


And at no Additional Cost. 


Our fees are offset by reduced project delay and construction cost savings to the owner.  

What is included in the Project Management process?


Due Diligence

Site Identification

Feasibility Studies

Project Development

Pro-forma / Risk Assessment

Municipal Processing / Entitlement

Technical Development / Consultant Management

Complimentary Consultation

New homes, home remodels, guest homes (ADUs), and special projects.

Our team has years of experience handling all types of projects. As a design- builder we handle all aspects of your construction project, including, design, architectural services, project management and contractor services. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life. During our consultation, we can discuss your vision for the project and how we can make it come to life.


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